April 30, 2009

Inman Park

Posted in Places I've Been at 3:25 pm by wangeli

In my quest to DO MORE stuff – Andrew and I went to the Inman park festival on Sunday. I was sad that I missed the parade, but the weather was a lot nicer…. there was a cool breeze and it was bright and sunny. On that note – I forgot to wear sunblock and am sporting a pretty fantastic sunburn, complete with peeling nose and funky tan lines. So yeah, that will be fun for a while…

So while we were wondering around, we say this church that was for sale. How awesome is that!! Well not for the church, but for whomever buys it! We were totally talking about how we would love to put an agency there… Though we’d have to do a lot of pro bono and social causes for balance out the sin of buying a church to make ads. But it would be sooo cool – almost as cool as Crispin’s soccer dome.

Keep an eye out – if I go out on a limb and decide to start an agency, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be in this church. And my logo will totally look like the new covers of Good Omens!


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