April 28, 2009

Shopping Time!

Posted in Shopping at 4:57 pm by wangeli

Ahh summer is almost here… so I guess I need new clothes. The best thing about being Southern Fried is that I can wear my “summer clothes” all year round! So I put together a little shopping list gleaned from Old Navy’s Shop and Stuff sale…

Time to update the wardrobe!

Time to update the wardrobe!

Okay so I was a little disappointed in the in-store offerings… There were a lot more choices online! Call me silly, but I don’t like to buy clothes unless I’ve tried them on…. especially from Old Navy and Gap. But I managed to get a few items… (spoiler – I bought a lot of pants… not entirely Summer-appropriate). No yellow though – I was totally defeated by their yellow selection…. Sorry for everyone who wants to see a more yellow Liz – skin tone is all the yellow you’re getting!

Okay so here is outfit #1! All purpose office-wear, but with some bright upbeat colors. I’ve included what I’d like to accessories with… if money was no problem. In reality, I’ll be running around in my everyday flip flops, purse and no jewelry!

If I have time later this week – I’ll try to post some more outfits from my new look… No promises though.


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