April 22, 2009

A little Rambling…

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:16 pm by wangeli

so First off – this weekend is the Inman Park festival. I’m super excited. Last year I went and fell in love with Rebecca Scott and her Robot Babies!! I’m hoping she’ll be there so I can add another painting or two to my collection. This year, I’m not going to try to head to the festival before I go to work – I’ve actually taken a whole day off for window shopping, strolling and eating. And the cosmos have decided to reward me with some nice sunny weather. Maybe I’ll steal Andrew’s camera and take some pics.

Secondly – epic Liz fail – I never got around to going to see the Terracotta Army. Or the Tut exhibit. It makes me sad – so as of now, I’m going to make a point to do things I want to do (besides sleep and eat ice cream!)

Third – there are been some major snags in turning my patio into an Urban Oasis… like I don’t have wire cutters and I’m pretty sure I’m not qualified to hang complicated curtains. And now my patio is covered in pollen. Much sadness.


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