January 26, 2009

New Apartment Pending…

Posted in Happy News at 5:38 pm by wangeli

Hi everyone!

So I have super great news – I’ve found and secured a new apartment. I’ve really been eager to move ever since I found out that the heat doesn’t work in my current place, there is too much club traffic on weekend and oh yeah the crack hoes are everywhere.

I’ve been looking at this apartment complex called Post Properties which are these nice gated communities all around town. My friend Jill works at one of them (And she was a super great help). Well I’ve been checking every day and couldn’t find a right sized apartment with a right sized price. Until last week!! Yippee so I’m getting a new apartment with 755 sq feet for $775 a month. And I’ll be in walking distance to the Marta, across the street from Target and in a part of town that I’m always in anyways. The property is Post Lindbergh and I’ll have the apartment on Feb 11th. (it’s a little soon, since I don’t have to move out until March 31st – but I didn’t want to lose this apartment.

So if anyone wants to donate to the cause: Upgrade Liz’s Life – please make checks payable to Liz. Thanks a bunch!

My next updates will be Floor plans and layouts for my new apartment! I’m borrowing this great idea from MakingItLovely genius Nicole whose blog has greatly improved my work and home life. Thanks Nicole!!

Want to learn more about the Post? go to http://www.postproperties.com and choose Lindbergh.

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  1. megan said,

    Walking distance to public transportation? Across the street from Target? It doesn’t get much better than that.

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